8 Common Challenges in Writing an Essay & How to Overcome Them

It is no secret that there are challenges in writing an essay. There are many rules to follow, and students must understand the format before they start their work. However, sometimes students encounter difficulties beyond just formatting issues or grammar mistakes. 

This article will highlight the writing difficulties that students when writing essays and how to overcome them.

What is the most difficult part of writing an essay

The major problems include procrastination and poor research skills. Students are often found procrastinating on their essay assignments until the dying minute, and this is often accompanied by a lack of research skills. 

Below are eight common problems in writing, and tips to overcome them:

1. Perfectionism

Perfectionism is a problem for many people. The result? Students get frustrated and give up before they even start the process of writing their essays. Perfectionism is often caused by anxiety, mixed with an intense feeling of wanting a perfect essay.

A solution to overcoming this would be to try some relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation and to talk to a doctor about anxiety.

2. Procrastination

Procrastination is a habit, and it is easy to get distracted by other things. If you are procrastinating on your essay, this can eventually lead to stress and frustration.

The major way to overcome procrastination is to start writing right away. Avoid getting too far behind on your schedule, as a rush hour can lead to poorly written paragraphs.

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3. Poor research skills

Research skills are a key component of writing an essay. If you do not have good research skills, it will be difficult for your reader to understand what you are trying to say in your essay.

The first step to solving this challenge is finding information on the topic or question that interests you. Then, think about how the subject could be studied and what resources might be useful for learning more about it. Always remember to choose resources and materials from reliable sources.

4. Lack of motivation

Motivation is a key factor in writing an essay. There are two types of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation comes from within and depends on your interest in the topic or subject matter, whereas extrinsic motivation comes from outside sources such as your grades.

If you are having a hard writing an essay, seek motivation from within your interests, and outside sources.

5. Inability to focus

While it is not always the case, students often find it difficult to concentrate on writing essays. This can be due to many factors including fatigue or stress from other activities that are taking place at that time.

To overcome this, students need to understand how to manage their time effectively to complete a project within a reasonable amount of time.

6. Lack of writing confidence

To overcome this, you require practice:

  • Read more of what you like to write.
  • Take a class in writing or get feedback from others who have been through the same process as you are now.
  • Work with an experienced tutor who can help you improve your skills 

7. Little to no experience with the topic

If you are a student who is new to the field of writing essays, then it will be hard for you to write an excellent paper. Students must learn how to research topics before they start writing essays on them. If a person has little knowledge about the topic being discussed in the essay and does not know where to begin, then he or she should do some research first so that he or she can complete his or her essay assignment effectively and efficiently.

8. Time management problems

Time management is the main difficulty in writing essays. Here are some tips to help you overcome it:

Set a deadline for yourself and stick to it. This will help you stay focused, especially as deadlines approach and you feel pressured by your schoolwork.

Break down your essay into sections so that each portion can be written independently from others (such as introduction/body/conclusion). This helps keep your ideas organized in their proper order and prevents confusion.


You must do some research on your prior writing process before starting any assignment so as not only to save time but also to make sure everything goes smoothly during this process too.