55 Solid Persuasive Essay Ideas & Topics for Students

A well-written persuasive essay is a great way to demonstrate your understanding of a topic and the ability to persuade your readers. They can be particularly useful in assignments where you are asked to apply your knowledge and skills convincingly. 

Persuasive writing can also be used as an approach to research that requires evaluating multiple perspectives on a topic together with finding common ground with your readers about different aspects of the same topic.

Tips to write a good persuasive essay outline

  • Choose a topic that is relevant and interesting to you
  • Be clear about the main point of your essay
  • Make sure you have enough information to support the main point of your essay
  • Avoid generalizations or opinions that are not supported by facts.

How to write a persuasive essay

A typical persuasive essay format includes an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Below are the tips you need to write a great persuasive essay.

  • Start by considering the audience

When you write a persuasive essay, consider the audience. Who is your reader? What do they know? How will they react to what you say? Know their interests and needs: what would motivate them to read your essay? How can you reach them with this information? 

  • Prove your case through strong examples

Inductive reasoning is when you make a generalization based on specific examples. This means that the inductive argument will be based on one or more examples of something happening, rather than just past occurrences.

In contrast to this, deductive reasoning is when you conclude a general statement. Regardless of which type of reasoning you choose to apply in your essay, ensure that you are persuasive enough in your argument.

  • Focus on the readers

The first thing you should do when writing an essay is to think about who your audience is. Once you know who exactly your readers are, then look at how they feel towards topics related to what you are writing about. 

Remember the goal of a persuasive essay is to persuade/convince them into accepting your ideas.

Demonstrate how the essay will benefit future generations with information, and finally, convince them with a persuasive conclusion that shows how your topic will change the world for better or worse in a positive way.

Good persuasive essay topics to inspire your writing

Best topics for persuasive essay

  1. Why gun control should be implemented 
  2. Texting while driving: stiffer punishments should be meted out to offenders
  3. We must all join the struggle toward environmental protection
  4. Marijuana should be legalized
  5. Stiffer food safety regulations should be implemented
  6. Tech companies have the responsibility to protect clients against internet piracy
  7. Online privacy and data leaks are the major problems caused by technology
  8. Animal rights: animal testing should be regulated
  9. More regulations should surround vaccinations and herd immunity.
  10. Politics in the modern era is worse in comparison to the old time.
  11. White privilege still exists, and racism must be completely eradicated in America 
  12. Increasing publicity of the rising sea levels and global warming
  13. Why immigration policies in the United States should be reviewed

Fun persuasive essay topics

  1. Police officers should not carry guns
  2. Why should universities take the steps to be more environmentally friendly?
  3. Is it not necessary for students to have a perfect GPA and leadership experience to get into an ivy league school?
  4. University loans should be erased for students

Persuasive essay topics college

  1. The current state of public schools is a major factor in increased crime
  2. Why funding for schools must be adequately allocated
  3. The wide range of subjects offered by local schools should be reduced
  4. Why public schools should be just as equipped as private schools 
  5. The pressure on teenagers to go to college is excessive.
  6. Why we must work out enough
  7. Zoos are bad for animals
  8. Make college cheaper by offering a menu of loan and tuition options
  9. College applications should have a later deadline
  10. Eating meat is unethical
  11. Students should be able to grade their teachers
  12. Students must have open campus lunch periods
  13. Why endangered animals must be protected and preserved
  14. Why you should study photography in college
  15. Of what value is a liberal arts education?
  16. We must help kids who are in failing schools
  17. Why all energy drinks must be banned for kids under the age of 16

Persuasive essay topics for high school

  1. Why is math important for our learning experience in life?
  2. Reading is an important skill that everyone should develop before leaving high school
  3. All students are required to learn a foreign language
  4. Benefits of attending a single-sex school
  5. Tithing: an outdated and pointless practice
  6. Legalizing abortions
  7. Examinations as the most effective form of assessment
  8. Religion is the major historical cause of war
  9. We must have a fair tax system
  10. The acceptability of torture 

Persuasive essay topics for students

  1. The government must provide adequate health care for its citizens
  2. Students should be allowed to drop out before they turn 18 years old
  3. Schools should offer cash bonuses for good test scores
  4. All teachers should wear uniforms or have a dress code
  5. Major cities should have a bike-sharing system
  6. Online dating sites are preferred to the traditional romantic meeting
  7. Handphones should not be allowed in school

Sports persuasive essay topics

  1. Sports betting is unethical
  2. Dangerous sporting activities should be banned
  3. Cheerleading is not considered a sport
  4. Women need better promotions in sport


Persuasive essays are different than other kinds of writing because they require a lot more thought and creativity. You are trying to convince the reader that your point is right, but without explicitly stating it. The above tips and topic ideas will help you in writing yours.

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